Sponsor a Dancer

Hey y'all!

Dance Weekends can be expensive! However, Webster's Dictionary defines contra dancers, in addition to being wearers of some of the most fantastic skirts, as a group of some of the most generous people in the galaxy! Therefore, this year, we are establishing the 

Butterfly Whirl Sponsor a Dancer Initiative

When you register for Butterfly Whirl 2020, help us by allowing a dancer who otherwise would not be able to attend be able to dance to the sounds of Buddy System and Wild Rumpus

In addition, we will match any donation dollars for dollar! 

All our donors will be recognized at the dance (unless you'd like to remain anonymous!) with a special button! 

Dancer Sponsorship Donation

Interested in helping sponsor a dancer? If so, Butterfly Whirl will even match all donations!

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Looking for a sponsorship?

We'll open applications for sponsorships in the coming months. Follow us on Facebook for updates!

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