The Ishtar Project

Concerned about the environment?

Want to dance the Butterfly Whirl Weekend away and feel the warm fuzzies knowing that you're helping fight climate change?


This year, we are teaming with The Ishtar Project to give dancers the opportunity to help our dance be carbon neutral! At registration, you'll have the opportunity to make a donation to The Ishtar Project, which helps non-profits in the Atlanta area install solar panels, thereby helping reduce our dependency on fossil-fuel-based electricity and helping amazing people continue to do amazing things in Atlanta. You can also donate below!

Want to estimate your carbon footprint? Use our calculator below! If you would like to donate, we are also providing an equivalent value of your CO2 emissions based on European carbon trading markets to provide guidance for suggested donations.

Carbon Calculator

How are you traveling to Butterfly Whirl?

If you are carpooling with other dancers, please divide your miles driven by the number of people you are carpooling with to produce a more accurate estimate!

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