Butterfly Whirl 2020 2021 has canceled due to COVID-19

Fellow Butterflies, we are sad to say that the Head Butterflies of Butterfly Whirl have decided that we will unable to put on Butterfly Whirl 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic. However, we will once again plan on having Butterfly Whirl 2022 on Memorial Day Weekend 2022!

Butterfly Whirl 2021 Ticket Holders, we have refunded all payments. Please contact us if you did not receive a refund or have any other questions!

Caller's Intensive

Atlanta's Seth Tepfer will be leading a Caller's Intensive the Friday of Butterfly Whirl! Attendees will be able to gain valuable XP and level up their calling magic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ is up! We have answers to your most pressing questions such as "Will there be square dancing?", "How many butterflies will be in attendance?", and "Is the dance gender balanced?"

Schedule (Subject to Change)

The Schedule has been posted! Of course, this far out, it's subject to change. Be on the lookout, but don't worry! We'll have an amazing weekend ready for you!

Sponsor a Dancer

Interested in helping fellow dancers for which attending Butterfly Whirl might be a difficult financial burden? Interested in applying for a scholarship? Click for details!

The Ishtar Project

Concerned about your carbon footprint? We're making it easy for you to make a difference in the fight against climate change! We've teamed up with The Ishtar Project to help provide solar panels to other non-profits.